So what is video-seeding?

Video-Seeding is an active first distribution – the seed. Everybody hopes to see his being shared by his viewers. That might happen – or not. But first, it must be seen by some people. That is seeding. Without it, videos barely have any chance on the internet. Big brands have five-figure budgets (or more) and in-house departments. We at OKAYFACTOR focus on small and medium seeding-campaigns: NonProfits, StartUps, Education institutions, SMEs…

A seeding campaign always consists of those three elements: 1. Preparation of your video presentation, 2. Organic distribution and 3. The good old paid add.

No two projects are alike, but anyway – find here some first price tags:

Add On


per language

Add On to films produced with us.

Video presentation: preview-pic, titel, text

Organic 6 h/ 1 month

Social Media Ads

for 1 network



per language

Video analysis (250,-)

Video presentation: preview-pic, titel, text

Organic 12 h/ 1 month

Ads for 2 networks (like Youtube & Facebook)



per language

like Basic

Strategic plan for 1-2 months

Organic 24h

Ads for different networks



per language

Influencer contact

Fan involvement

Facebook posts