Russia – decoded for Germans

  RUSSIA – seen from Germany – is this: cold, cold, cold! And beside of this: Dangerous, authoritarian, a menace for the west – and the image we have from ‚Ivan‘ is somehow blurred by Wodka and the tunes of Balalaika. Well, like not all Germans wear Lederhosen and drink Bier, the image of Russia might need a bit more … Read More

This is tasty! Or: why we need a new dictionary

Have you ever been in trouble because you waved a particular gesture at somebody in a foreign country? Have you ever seen a hand sign that puzzled you? In Holland, we have a sign for “tasty”. This sign is executed by waving the hand next to the cheek, as if to stroke the cheek for something delicious being inside it. … Read More

Graffiti for 200 homes to unite a community

In the Mexican city of Pachuca, the government hired a graffiti crew to do what usually leads to an arrest and penalty for vandalism. Not here. This time, it was to unite a difficult social environment, just by making everybody be part of the most beautiful piece of art. Just magnificent. The Germen Crew, a Mexican youth organization, took the challenge seriously. Their own … Read More

Give something back to Berlin

A few years ago tensions arose in Berlin: The booming creative and start-up scene caused rapid changes in neighbourhoods and a rift between ‘old’ and ‘new’ Berliners, resulting in slogans like ‘Tourists go home’ and ‘Hipsters not welcome’. From a spontaneous Facebook post in 2012 an idea emerged: Building an integration platform, aiming to strengthen social cohesion in Berlin: … Read More

Real Russia – independent videoshow to build a bridge

„Real Russia“ is the first independent English-language channel about Russia created by videoblogger Sergey Baklykov. The main idea is to make the deepest insight into the real daily life of Russia. Just everything „as is“. This is the channel from Russian people to people from all over the World to show that we are more common than different, that we … Read More

Save lives – with a little red dot

Indian women in general wear a little dot on their forehead, the bindi. Using this old cultural custom for a good cause … that is creativity at work: These red dots are special, they contain the necessary amount of iodine needed for health, but the poorer population in India aren’t aware of this, and so are in danger of many … Read More