Russia – decoded for Germans


Foto: Mauricio Bustamante

RUSSIA – seen from Germany – is this: cold, cold, cold!

And beside of this: Dangerous, authoritarian, a menace for the west – and the image we have from ‚Ivan‘ is somehow blurred by Wodka and the tunes of Balalaika.

Well, like not all Germans wear Lederhosen and drink Bier, the image of Russia might need a bit more colours added to the usual black & white edition we get from our medias or Hollywood Movies. Yes there is an authoritarian regime, but thereare independent medias as well. Not on a lager scale, but they show other facettes of this very rich and multi-sided country – and its people.

A group of young journalists from Berlin recently started a web-platform, translating articles from this independent sources in Russia into German – and it is worth reading them. Take a look at: